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Batory Foods Acquires DMH Ingredients

Batory Foods Acquires Specialty Ingredients Supplier to Elevate Food and Beverage Offerings

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Engredea 2018

Please join us in Anaheim, CA on March 9th-11th at Booth #3351.

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Craft Brewers Conference

Please join us in Nashville, TN on May 1st–3rd at Booth #2661.

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World Tea Expo 2018

 Please join us in Las Vegas, NV on June 12th-14th at Booth #200.

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IFT18: A Matter of Science + Food

Please join us in Chicago, IL on July 15th-18th at Booth #S707.

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Aiya Partnership

DMH is proud to partner with Aiya to provide premium Japanese Matcha Green Tea powder, one of the most unique ingredients on the planet, with tremendous health properties and unmatched flexibility in food, beverage, and creative culinary applications.

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Rooibos is One of the 50 Healthiest Foods of All Time

The New York based news magazine TIME has curated a list of the 50 healthiest foods in the world that we should be eating right now. South African Rooibos has been included as a powerhouse of antioxidants and minerals "to guard us from chronic and degenerative diseases alike". What's more, to enjoy Rooibos, one simply needs to add hot water.

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DMH Ingredients, Inc. Acquires Herbal Teas International and Tiger Botanicals

Libertyville, IL (May 12, 2014) DMH Ingredients, Inc., an importer and distributor of ingredients into the food and beverage industries, has recently acquired Herbal Teas International and Tiger Botanicals, the largest US-based importer of bulk Rooibos, Honeybush and Lemon Myrtle teas and other unique herbal products.

With the acquisition, DMH Ingredients is now the exclusive North American agent of Rooibos Limited Clanwilliam South Africa. “This acquisition is exciting for DMH Ingredients,” said David Damlich, founder of DMH Ingredients. “The Herbal Tea International products are a wonderful addition to our current tea offerings, and I know that the Rooibos products, as well as all the others, will be extremely well received by our customers and allow us to provide superior products and continue to grow successfully as a company.”

Hugh Lamond, founder of Herbal Teas International, will remain involved with the business for the next several years in a consulting capacity to ensure a smooth transition.

About DMH Ingredients, Inc. Founded in 1991 by David Damlich and Tom Hatch, DMH Ingredients, Inc. is an importer and distributor of ingredients into the food and beverage industries. Their experience, in conjunction with a focus on providing unsurpassed customer service, has provided a sound foundation for their current and continued growth.

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New! Purefruit™ Monk Fruit Concentrate

Purefruit™ is a 100% natural powdered concentrate made from monk fruit (Chinese luo han guo). Purefruit™ is approximately 150 times sweeter than sugar, and is a unique alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. BioVittoria concentrates the sweetest part of the monk fruit to make an ingredient that delivers great-tasting, 100% natural, calorie-free sweetness from pure fruit. The unique sweetness of monk fruit concentrate comes from naturally occurring sweet components in the fruit called mogrosides. In pure form, mogrosides are up to 300 times sweeter than sugar.

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