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Purefruit™ - High-Quality Monk Fruit Extract

DMH Ingredients is now proud to offer Purefruit™, the highest quality monk fruit extract in existence. Monk Fruit, also known as Luo Han Guo, is said to have been cultivated some 800 years ago by Buddhist monks for its medicinal properties.

It has largely remained a secret to the Western World until recently when it was discovered to contain an intense sweetness derived primarily from a naturally occurring compound in the fruit called Mogrocide V.

Our Monk Fruit undergoes an all-natural extraction process to capture these Mogrocides, in which the end result is a fine powder ready for use in the food and beverage industry.

The powder is non-glycemic, it contains zero calories or carbohydrates, and it produces a sweetness approximately 170 times as sweet as sugar. It is the perfect solution for all-natural products looking to reduce or completely eliminate sugar.

To ensure the utmost quality, our supplier maintains control of the fruit throughout the entire process. It starts with providing the family farmers in the mountainous region of Guilin, China with the seedlings of a particular variety of monk fruit, and ends with packaging.

A fruit that was once used to remedy coughs, colds, and fevers is now being used to reduce sugar and calories in numerous all-natural products throughout the food and beverage marketplace while still maintaining the flavor profile consumers have come to expect.


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