Freeze-Dried Coffee & Tea

Coffee and Tea

DMH Ingredients offers a wide variety of soluble coffees, including spray-dried, freeze-dried, decaffeinated and liquid extracts. Our soluble coffees hail from Colombia, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil and Malaysia and range from standard to extraordinary in flavor and profile. We also supply a spray-dried chicory extract that is derived from the pure roots of Chicorium Intybus, which can provide a unique profile to your beverage.

Our instant black, green and decaffeinated tea solids are spray-dried or micromilled cold water-soluble teas that provide an excellent burst of flavor. Our aqueous tea aromas provide a pleasant smell, and our hibiscus extract provides a unique, refreshing taste perfect for a summer beverage.

  • Spray-Dried
  • Spray-Dried Chicory Extract
  • Freeze-Dried
  • Decaffeinated
  • Liquid Coffee Extracts
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Mexico Specialty Soluble Coffees
  • Switzerland
  • Malaysia
  • Aqueous Tea Aroma
  • Instant Black Tea
  • Instant Green Tea
  • Instant Decaf Tea
  • Instant Fruit Tea Extract
  • View our new Rooibos Tea product 


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