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DMH Ingredients is proud to announce that we are a major importer of Baobab into the North American Marketplace. Our material continues to be produced in Senegal.

"Baobab, The new Superfruit"

Traditional Uses

Baobab (bay-o-bab) – Adansonia digitata L.
Baobab is a great addition to your current food, beverage, cosmetic and nutraceutical applications. This 100% natural superfruit provides a great source of fiber, vitamin C, potassium, amino acids and other minerals. The fruit is a great addition to smoothies, sauces, supplements, and desserts, and it can also be used for cosmetic oils, extracts, and powders.

Possible Applications

Baobab fruit’s nutritional profile and properties, as well as its inherent market appeal, make it an interesting new ingredient for the food, beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. The fruit's products can be used in a variety of formulations to provide nutritional fortification, flavor enhancement, viscosity and texture modification and as a source of dietary fibers and nutrients.

Specific applications could include:

  • Fruit smoothies, ice creams, sauces, substitute for cream of tartar
  • Wonderful additive to yogurt (probiotic)
  • Increases density and adds a sweetener-like taste to energy bars, biscuits, snacks, and desserts
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Various active cosmetic and skin care uses, including exfoliants and lotions for the face and skin

Ingredients we import include:

  • Baobab oil (cold pressed organic)
  • Baobab powder (organic and micronized)
  • Baobab fruit pulp (organic and micronized)
  • Baobab extract (liquid and pulp)


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