Our Ingredients

  • Artificial Sweeteners

    We provide a complete line of high-intensity artificial sweeteners.

  • Baobab

    DMH Ingredients is now the exclusive North American agent of Baobab - the new super fruit!

  • Brewing

    We stock specialty brewing ingredients in bulk. Request a sample to test in your next batch.

  • Coffee & Tea Extract

    We offer spray-dried, freeze-dried, decaffeinated and liquid coffee extracts as well as freeze-dried, micro-milled and instant teas.

  • Custom Blended Ingredients

    We offer custom liquid and dry blends, including vitamin, vitamin mineral and sweetener, all completed to your exact specifications.

  • Dehydrated Vegetables

    Our premium dehydrated and freeze-dried vegetables are available in a wide array of options and can be customized.

  • Essential Oils

    Use our complete range of domestic and imported essential oils as the building blocks for flavor and fragrance.

  • Flavors

    Our flavors come in both liquid and dry forms and are available in artificial, natural & artificial, natural, organic and Kosher Certified.

  • Food Chemicals

    We maintain high inventory levels of food chemical products for multiple food applications.

  • Freeze-Dried Fruit

    We offer a complete line of freeze-dried fruits, fruit powders, and custom freeze-dried fruit blends.

  • Fruit Powders

    Our fruit powders provide antioxidants and vitamins and are available in spray-dried or drum-dried forms.

  • Gums

    We provide natural and synthetic gums and gum blends used for texture changes, to stabilize crystals or to thicken foods, as well as many other uses.

  • IQF Fruits & Vegetables

    We offer a complete range of quick-frozen, free-flowing, quality fruits and vegetables.

  • Natural Sweeteners

    Purefruit™ is the highest purity monk fruit extract commercially available. It is both sweeter than sugar and has a healthier image, as it is made from fruit.

  • Nuts & Seeds

    Our extensive and ever-increasing product range includes nuts and seeds in a variety of flavors and forms.

  • Oleo Resins

    Our complete line of regular and water-soluble oleoresins are extracted from premium plants.

  • Organic Matcha

    Matcha's brilliant color, smooth flavor, and ease of use allow a wide variety of culinary applications such as beverage, baked goods, confections, dairy products, cosmetics, and supplements.

  • Pet Food Ingredients

    Enhancing pleasant flavors is vital to the success of all pet food, and our multiple pet food products are available in a variety of flavorings and forms.

  • Rooibos®

    DMH Ingredients is now the exclusive North American agent of Rooibos Limited Clanwilliam South Africa!

  • Savory

    We offer hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, reaction flavors and blended flavors in liquid, powders, paste, or spray-dried forms.

  • Spices

    Our entire line of dried spices is sterilized and available for multiple applications.

  • Vitamins

    We stock a complete range of vitamins and custom vitamin blends that can be made to your specifications.

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