DMH Ingredients believes in providing quality products, which is why we are proud to partner with the following companies.

An exotic line of tropical fruit flakes, powders and essences, including banana, pumpkin, pineapple and mango.

A wide range of specialty savory ingredients, including HVPs; beef, pork and chicken flavors; liquid coffee concentrate; and coffee powders.

Sentry Seasonings, Inc.
A full line of spice and herb seasoning blends for multiple food applications.

Sono Italiano Corp.
True Sun Dried Tomatoes®, a non sulfited product available in whole, julienne, dices and chopped.

Flavor Right
A full line of ready-to-whip icings and toppings, canned aerosols, creamer concentrates, ice cream mixes, yogurt mixes, dessert mixes, sour cream substitutes and non-dairy creamers.

South Am Freeze Dry
Chilean manufacturer of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables.

AEP Colloids, Inc.
A wide variety of quality hydrocolloids, including custom blends.

China's largest and most advanced producer of aspartame.

Stewart Ingredient Systems
A custom manufacturer of fruit, sweet and savory shelf stable fillings.

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